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Holding on to the Dream of Hillary Clinton as VP

The Hillary Clinton supporters are at it again, or perhaps, still at it, when it comes to advancing her name as the running mate of Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama. Those folks refuse to play nice and The Clintons have not given up on their quest for the Oval Office again.

It seems that former HRC campaign manager Terry McAuliffe might have been dressed down for advancing Senator Joe Biden, Senator Evan Bayh and Virginia Governor Tom Kaine as possible running mates for Obama. Now, McAuliffe is all Hillary Rodham Clinton again.

I tell you, these folks never cease to amaze me with their refusal to play by the rules or even live up to their promises. Die-hard HRC supporters who refuse to support Barack Obama and love to remind folks of the 18 million [if that's a true number] folks who supported her are now trying to hold the Democratic Party hostage --- so much for the Democrats' Unity Tour.

In fact, while Hillary and Bill both say they support Obama, but their actions speak volumes and to the contrary. The DNC leadership may not like to hear that but it is what it is.

Obama's next biggest feat will be dealing with HRC supporters after he selects someone else as his running mate. The more her supporters demand Obama select her as his VP; the more cemented is the realization that she should not be VP.

In the meantime, one of McAuliffe's picks ---other than Hillary Clinton--- may end up as Obama's running mate. The qualities Senator Obama is looking for include somebody with integrity and who wants to change policies and how business is done in Washington politics. HRC doesn't pass that smell test.