The Audacity of The New Yorker: Obama, Racism, Fear-Mongering and Lies
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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

You know I've made no secret of my dislike for James Carville. He was a Hillary Clinton supporter who spewed so much venom during this campaign that it was unforgivable from my perspective.

I am not Barack Obama so I don't have to be so diplomatic in my response to the New Yorker cover. Obama needs to stay on message while other folks deal with the outright lies.

We knew more sinister campaign tactics would be used against the Obama campaign. We knew the tactics would be more sophisticated and insidious than those of Hillary Clinton. Carville clearly tried to diminish and insult anyone who found no humor in the cover. Hmmm….could this brouhaha have ties to the Clintons as I have been told several times by friends.

As Roland Martin cleverly pointed out, there is nothing on the cover to indicate that it is satirical. Those folks over at The New Yorker can say whatever they like that doesn't mean folks have to believe it.

More telling was Carville's appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 last night. Carville chuckled and said, "I believe this cartoon will either bring Obama down or bring him up." I have a good sense of humor and that was not funny. That conspiracy theory is becoming more believable.

James Carville said that he supports Barack Obama but his words during last night's appearance speak otherwise.