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There's No Taking Back the Mic from Soulfège

Soulfège (pronounced 'sOl-fezh) is a musical group whose sound is not easily categorized. They've been described as 'what would you get if Bob Marley were jammin' with The Fugees on a street corner in West Africa." How about Afropolitan fusion?

I'm not going to try to put them in any box. Let me just say straight up that these folks are going to force me to buy an iPod. I have an iPod for work and until now had not felt compelled to purchase one for my personal use. Soulfège has changed that. Their new digital album, "Take Back the Mic," is awesome. It's such a wonderfully funky soulful eclectic mix of music of the world. The vibe is upbeat, positive, and infectious.

Pick a song, any song. I can't decide which of their tunes from this album is my favorite. I love conscious lyrics over a tight beat. I love island music. I love percussion. "Take Back the Mic" brings all that and more.

Not only are the members of Soulfège brilliant musicians and lyricists, they are just brilliant. You may remember DNA from his viral YouTube video putting an interviewer in check when he was grilled about Barack Obama during the presidential primary; it's priceless. Band mates Kelley Nicole and Johnathan Gramling complete the magical musical team.

This group is awesome and so is this album. Check them out and spread the word about Soulfège. By the way, if you don't have iTunes you can still purchase the album by using Sound Station.

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