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Did She Really Say That?

Gov. Sarah Palin is smart but she has a lot of ground to cover before she is really qualified to be the nation's vice-president. This is what frightens me about Gov. Palin as VP…

Is Sarah Palin the Mother or Grandmother of Infant with Down ’s Syndrome? Does the Public Have the Right to Know?

Rumors abound the web that Sarah Palin's fifth child, 4-month old, Trig, is actually the child of her teen-age daughter, Bristol. There is compelling 'evidence' of the pregnancy cover-up but I won't post it here because, quite frankly, I think that's a private family matter.

Just as I didn't approve of the John Edwards philandering episode and our intrusion into his personal life that either resulted or perhaps didn't, in the birth of a child; if Bristol Palin is really the mother of Trig, that is some twisted family pain that they must work out amongst themselves.

I understand those who are concerned about Gov. Palin's integrity if she's actually guilty of the cover-up but I also understand a mother protecting her daughter. I didn't say I agree with the cover-up; but I understand.

When all is said and done, I'm sure that someone in the media will disclose the truth about Trig Palin's lineage and tell us whether we like it or not.

Oh yeah, if the cover-up is true, it will likely be the death knell to Republican presidential victory in November.





Gustav Changes GOP Plans

The adaptability of the GOP will be put to the test as the anticipated ravages of destruction of Hurricane Gustav interrupt the planned program of the Republican national Convention scheduled to start tomorrow in St. Paul, MN.

Required business will be taken care of but the rest of the program is up in the air depending on the path and wrath of Hurricane Gustav.

Another by-product of this change in program is the out provided for the GOP. You know there were going to be comparisons to the Democratic National Convention --- and there still may be. So the awesome speeches, entertainment and spectacular presentation that we knew would not happen, really won't happen now.

From Wasilla to the White House: Why Sarah Palin is Bad for the Republican Ticket

The last few days have been abuzz with news of Senator John McCain's surprise pick for his running mate on the Republican presidential ticket. Sarah Palin is governor of the great state of Alaska. She was elected to that position in December of 2006.

If McCain's objective in selecting Palin was to generate excitement he has succeeded. If he wanted to energize the conservative Republican base; that may have been a successful move also. If his objective was to persuade Hillary Clinton supporters to vote for the Republican ticket, well, Palin as VP won't do the trick.

Palin is an attractive, intelligent woman of obvious tenacity and spirit but is she ready to lead the US? I think not. Critics of Barack Obama claim that he doesn't have experience and that they don't know who he is. Well, the world knows way less about Sarah Palin no matter how the GOP tries spin her candidacy.

Obama has been a senator and successful leader for many years. He has been vetted by the American public during the grueling primary phase of the election cycle. Palin has not.

OK, so you say that Palin is not running for president; she's running as vice-president. Well, when the presidential candidate is 72 years-old and has health concerns, you're running for president. Let's not even talk about comparing her to Joe Biden. She was eight years old when his political career began. No matter how smart she is, he will trounce her on foreign policy, the economy and just about any other major issue.

As VP she would preside over the Senate. She's never been a senator but that's OK, right? She was mayor of a small town of less than 10,000, Wasilla.

Now, let's talk the obvious pander to women…give me a break. The McCain camp could have chosen other female Republicans if they didn't want to seem so obvious but I guess this shows just what they think of American public, especially women.

Most women I know, even they don't agree with abortion, support a woman's right to choose. Palin will cost the GOP a number of potential votes because that position. Women, no matter how liberal, will question how Palin can practically abandon her infant son over the next two and a half months to campaign as the VP candidate. Her son is four months old with Down's syndrome.

Palin is also a long-time member of the NRA. That may be OK for the GOP but for the Hillary supporters…ummm…not so much.

The Sarah Palin VP pick will backfire on the Republican Party. She may garner news coverage for a few days but in the end, all that matters is the number of votes cast.



The Chronicles of Kwame Continue

In the circus that is the City of Detroit government, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's lawyers are negotiating a plea deal with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. It is reported that Kilpatrick's attorney advanced deal that includes community service; restitution; probation for five years and agreement not to run for public office for two years.

Prosecutor Worthy wants the Mayor to do jail time and he's trying to avoid that big time. She's also not supportive of a judge being brought in to mediate this issue. A mediator? Would Kilpatrick actually run for office again? It's sad that Detroit has come to this.

One has to wonder just how far and wide the Kilpatrick foolishness flows. For sure, he is to blame for much of the mess but he's also not to blame for all of it. Relationships and favors have to be involved in some of the inane decisions that have kept the trials and tribulations of Kilpatrick in the international spotlight.

It would be nice to know the hows and whys of the current state of the City of Detroit but that is a truth likely in the hands of many and destined never to be exposed.


Poll Results: Is Senator Joe Biden a good choice as Senator Barack Obama's running mate?

Here are the results of last week's poll on Senator Obama's selection of Senator Joe Biden as the bottom half of the Democratic presidential ticket.

Whether this was a good choice may be revealed soon since the GOP VP choice of Sarah Palin has been thrown in the mix. Stay tuned and stay informed.


Barack Obama and the Temple of Change

Barack Obama's acceptance speech held a different significance, but significance none the less, to each of the millions of people watching last night. Yes, there was the anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's speech and the significance of women and the right to vote; but no matter your perspective, every American seemed to have a connection to the significance of Barack Obama's place in history and accomplishment in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds.

The Rethuglicans went on the attack about Obama's rock star status but if the truth be told they are shaking in their boots. Obama has consistently drawn crowds that trump McCain's many times over. Even McCain's newly-selected running mate, Sarah Palin, won't command those numbers.

DNC ’08: The Clinton Speeches

President Bill Clinton went along way in repairing his political legacy with his speech at last night's Democratic National Convention. He made excellent points as to why we should support Barack Obama's candidacy for the president of the United States. He attacked many of the points used by opponents of Obama but most important, he was direct in saying that Barack Obama is ready to lead.

While many people have raved about Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday night, I found that it was a very good speech but not spectacular in supporting Obama because he is qualified and ready to lead. I recognize that much of her speech targeted the HRC supporters who still refuse to support Barack Obama.

I give Hillary Rodham Clinton much respect for her consummate political professionalism. She spoke so well and looked great before a convention that both she and her husband knew should have been her victory celebration.

The enthusiasm behind the Clintons' campaigning for Barack Obama for the balance of this phase of the election cycle remains to be seen. The Democrats appear to as united as they are going to get. If the speeches and election hoopla are more than "just words," Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America.


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Michelle Obama Brought Her "A" Game

Michelle Obama delivered a speech that lived up to the hype. She was sharp, crisp, comfortable and gorgeous. Her message was powerful to anyone really listening.

Afew commentators tried to diminish her message, performance and effectiveness. What say you?

Today is the Day, the Democratic National Convention Takes Center Stage in Media Coverage

We're just a few hours away from the start of an historic convention at which Senator Barack Obama, a bi-racial man with an interesting family history than expands the globe, will accept the nomination as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States of America.

The frequent tweets of Shawn Williams of Dallas South Blog adds to the excitement of the event. I hope I'm not expecting too much and will be disappointed. If Saturday's showing in Springfield, IL is any indication, the next four days will be electrical.

As much as some political pundits predict the closeness in the race between Obama and McCain, and that Obama is dropping in the polls, what I see on television and read on the internet say otherwise.

I am excited to hear what Mrs. Obama has to say as the headliner this evening as she and others attempt to make folks comfortable with Barack Obama as the leader of our country.

I'll drop a few lines on this blog, if I can, during lunch. Until then, stay alert and stay informed. Peace.