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Barack Obama Superhero Action Figure

In a move that will surely aggravate John McCain supporters even more; a New York toy company, Jailbreak Toys, has created a Barack Obama action figure along with other Obama items. No doubt McCain and Company will refer to this as idol worship so let's not give that point too much time and just move on.

Copy from the company's website says, "In many ways, Obama is the closest thing we've ever seen to a superhero... someone who has literally inspired millions of people simultaneously to step past fear, to be brave enough to hope and to go past cynicism and imagine what we could be if we were at our best. That's the stuff of legend!"

I'm going to check this out and give you a review of the product. In the meantime, you can go to the website and order one for yourself. A dollar will be donated to the Obama campaign for each action figure sold online. This is certain to be a collector's item.

Off Topic: Why can't I refer to this as an Obama doll? Oh, no, my guy friends said it's an action figure. I still say, get over it, it's a doll.