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Buddha, Games and Why we must FREE TIBET

Ignorance is bliss. After watching the CNN special, Buddha's Warriors, I know that I will not watch any of this year's Olympic Games. All that I do not learn about The Games from news reports or through communication with others, I just will not know and don't feel the least bit bad about it.

Some folks say that politics and the Olympics should not mix. Some folks say that the athletes should not be denied the right to compete against other athletes in purity of their sport. Well, you know what? That all sounds well and good but I find it unfathomable to justify supporting a government that is so cruel to peaceful law-abiding people. Where is the outrage on the part of our government?

I know that I've posted about the situation in Tibet previously. I know that I've seen some of the videos on YouTube that readers have directed me to. CNN investigative reporter Christiane Amanpour provided great objective perspective on the crisis in Tibet and its impact on the people especially the Tibetan monk. I strongly encourage you to watch it in re-broadcast.

She also showed the emergence of a new generation of monks not as willing to allow Chinese rule without protest. These men, while still peaceful, have been tortured and tormented by the Chinese military. The Chinese military have killed many protesters and forced many to flee all without real condemnation by the United States. Let's not even get into the Chinese connection in the genocide in the Sudan.

While atrocities are being committed everyday and have been for many years in Tibet, I couldn't care less about the Olympics, any world records or any of the wonderful human interest stories that are used to sell the event. Ignorance is bliss. The truth can be a hard pill to swallow but it is what it is.