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Church and State Not Separate at Saddleback Civil Forum

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church and author of best-seller, The Purpose Driven® Life, questioned both presumptive presidential nominees in an interview session before 2,200 at the Saddleback Civil Forum. I can't say that anything new was learned about the candidates light night based on their responses.

If anything, it served to spotlight the difference in the decision-making style and thought process of the candidates. Obama is more insightful, deliberate and contemplative while McCain's is simple, combative and cowboy-like as in our current President. With McCain at the helm, the U.S. is certain to be a war with another country throughout his tenure. Think what that will do to our already fragile economy and families already in pain because of the war in Iraq.

McCain's response to the question about his greatest moral failure was very interesting. He mentioned the failure of his first marriage but did not elaborate at all as to what that meant and how it impacted him or his family. That story has yet to really be told.

I don't think voters will change their minds based on last night's interview. Most of the responses from both candidates were clearly expected and there were no bombshell moments. McCain was noticeably more at ease during that interview than others.