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DNC ’08: The Clinton Speeches

President Bill Clinton went along way in repairing his political legacy with his speech at last night's Democratic National Convention. He made excellent points as to why we should support Barack Obama's candidacy for the president of the United States. He attacked many of the points used by opponents of Obama but most important, he was direct in saying that Barack Obama is ready to lead.

While many people have raved about Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday night, I found that it was a very good speech but not spectacular in supporting Obama because he is qualified and ready to lead. I recognize that much of her speech targeted the HRC supporters who still refuse to support Barack Obama.

I give Hillary Rodham Clinton much respect for her consummate political professionalism. She spoke so well and looked great before a convention that both she and her husband knew should have been her victory celebration.

The enthusiasm behind the Clintons' campaigning for Barack Obama for the balance of this phase of the election cycle remains to be seen. The Democrats appear to as united as they are going to get. If the speeches and election hoopla are more than "just words," Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America.


Photo: AFP