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From Wasilla to the White House: Why Sarah Palin is Bad for the Republican Ticket

The last few days have been abuzz with news of Senator John McCain's surprise pick for his running mate on the Republican presidential ticket. Sarah Palin is governor of the great state of Alaska. She was elected to that position in December of 2006.

If McCain's objective in selecting Palin was to generate excitement he has succeeded. If he wanted to energize the conservative Republican base; that may have been a successful move also. If his objective was to persuade Hillary Clinton supporters to vote for the Republican ticket, well, Palin as VP won't do the trick.

Palin is an attractive, intelligent woman of obvious tenacity and spirit but is she ready to lead the US? I think not. Critics of Barack Obama claim that he doesn't have experience and that they don't know who he is. Well, the world knows way less about Sarah Palin no matter how the GOP tries spin her candidacy.

Obama has been a senator and successful leader for many years. He has been vetted by the American public during the grueling primary phase of the election cycle. Palin has not.

OK, so you say that Palin is not running for president; she's running as vice-president. Well, when the presidential candidate is 72 years-old and has health concerns, you're running for president. Let's not even talk about comparing her to Joe Biden. She was eight years old when his political career began. No matter how smart she is, he will trounce her on foreign policy, the economy and just about any other major issue.

As VP she would preside over the Senate. She's never been a senator but that's OK, right? She was mayor of a small town of less than 10,000, Wasilla.

Now, let's talk the obvious pander to women…give me a break. The McCain camp could have chosen other female Republicans if they didn't want to seem so obvious but I guess this shows just what they think of American public, especially women.

Most women I know, even they don't agree with abortion, support a woman's right to choose. Palin will cost the GOP a number of potential votes because that position. Women, no matter how liberal, will question how Palin can practically abandon her infant son over the next two and a half months to campaign as the VP candidate. Her son is four months old with Down's syndrome.

Palin is also a long-time member of the NRA. That may be OK for the GOP but for the Hillary supporters…ummm…not so much.

The Sarah Palin VP pick will backfire on the Republican Party. She may garner news coverage for a few days but in the end, all that matters is the number of votes cast.