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Is Jon Voight for real?

I just finished reading the op-ed piece in which actor Jon Voight, also known as Angelina Jolie's dad, slammed Senator Barack Obama. The first thing I thought as I read the incredible statements was, wow! Nothing more articulate…elaborate…definitive. Just wow.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but based on Voight's piece, one would think Obama is the second coming of the anti-Christ or Hitler or some other horrible historical figure. As I read I kept thinking…this guy must be kidding; it's all an act. How any supposedly intelligent person can string together such drivel is really beyond me.

Others in Hollywood have lashed back at Voight and now there's talk of blacklisting and an uprising of conservatives in the entertainment industry. Whatever.

Entertainment industry or not; voters should make their decision based on facts and not emotionalized blather.