Gustav Changes GOP Plans
Did She Really Say That?

Is Sarah Palin the Mother or Grandmother of Infant with Down ’s Syndrome? Does the Public Have the Right to Know?

Rumors abound the web that Sarah Palin's fifth child, 4-month old, Trig, is actually the child of her teen-age daughter, Bristol. There is compelling 'evidence' of the pregnancy cover-up but I won't post it here because, quite frankly, I think that's a private family matter.

Just as I didn't approve of the John Edwards philandering episode and our intrusion into his personal life that either resulted or perhaps didn't, in the birth of a child; if Bristol Palin is really the mother of Trig, that is some twisted family pain that they must work out amongst themselves.

I understand those who are concerned about Gov. Palin's integrity if she's actually guilty of the cover-up but I also understand a mother protecting her daughter. I didn't say I agree with the cover-up; but I understand.

When all is said and done, I'm sure that someone in the media will disclose the truth about Trig Palin's lineage and tell us whether we like it or not.

Oh yeah, if the cover-up is true, it will likely be the death knell to Republican presidential victory in November.