Obama to Announce Running Mate Soon
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It’s On Now! Obama Chooses Biden for VP!

Happy Saturday, y'all! I am so psyched by the announcement of Senator Joe Biden as the VP candidate on the Democratic ticket. Now I can exhale because you know I thought Senator Obama was going to give in to the pundits and the Clinton machine. I don't need to write anymore on that because if you've been reading my blog for a minute you know I was going to be one ticked off sister.

I can be honest enough to tell you that I was a bit disappointed by the excitement of being the "first to know" of the announcement only to miss the actual text message. Whether you were on the west coast where it was midnight or the east coast where I am and it was 3 AM, that wasn't cool. If the announcement time was planned as a take on that 3 AM phone call crap started by Hillary Clinton, OK, I get the joke but I'm not laughing.

Anyhoo, Senator Biden is an excellent choice for the ticket because he's a real straight talker. McCain's campaign will have a hard time dealing with Biden because he can intelligently address any issue and more important is predictably unpredictable in his response. Biden's straight talk could be perceived a disadvantage by some but I'm looking forward to him coming out of his bag when the McCain camp breaks out with their foolishness.

Let's get ready for the madness for the next phase of the election cycle. Now, let's see who McCain chooses as his running mate; Biden has definitely put the pressure on.

The Obama-Biden Campaign needs money to maintain a powerful presence and put the Democrats in the Oval Office in 2009 so keep those donations coming. Remember that real change is from the bottom up and if we keep doing what we're doing, we'll keep getting what we got.

Peace and Blessings….