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Not a Good Week for Kwame Kilpatrick

After being jailed for bond violation earlier this week, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick also faced arraignment on charges of assault on law enforcement officers who attempted to serve a subpoena on one of his friends.

He's also been subjected to a tether so his whereabouts will always be known to law enforcement. Did I mention that the City Council is taking steps to oust him?

How bad can it get for the mayor and the people of Detroit? The mayor has his supporters and his detractors. He is entitled to due process and has vowed to continue to run the city but at some point one has to wonder if the fight is worth it.

It's obvious that his mother, Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick barely won her recent re-election battle mainly due to fallout from his troubles. His wife and children were reportedly in Tallahassee, FL trying to distance themselves from the madness and the future for Kwame Kilpatrick seems bleak.

Regardless of where one falls in this matter, supporters clearly realize that upcoming legal proceedings will likely expose more embarrassing text messages and evidence of philandering. Does his family really need that pain?

Also, the people of Detroit continue to suffer almost unbearable economic strife. Job loss and other pressures can only last so long until the City implodes. Prayerfully, the pain will stop soon. It's easy to ask Mayor Kilpatrick to resign and hope that things will turn around for Detroit but just how long can Detroiters hold on?

It would be interesting to have an open and honest conversation with mayor Kilpatrick to find out what's going on in his mind. Regardless of how cool and calm he appears he must wrestle with shame, embarrassment and frustration daily.

For Kilpatrick, his family and the people of Detroit, there doesn't appear to be a win-win option. He faces incarceration and all that entails and the city government faces possible implosion.