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Welcome Joe Biden and Help Me Reach My Fundraising Goal

Here is the e-mail message that was sent to me yesterday after sending a welcome message to Senator Joe Biden on Saturday.

This is the stuff that the Obama Team has done consistently and exceptionally well since his campaign was launched. I'm just waiting for David Axelrod's series of books and seminars on staging political campaigns. That guy has done a super-awesome job and he is going to be mongo rich for revolutionizing political campaigning in the United States.


Now, I realize the Obama-Biden folks sent that message to millions of other Americans, not just me, but it was nice seeing it in my mailbox anyway.

To welcome Senator Biden and show my support for the Obama-Biden Team, I'm making an appeal to you guys to help me reach my personal fundraising goal of $1,000 for the Obama-Biden Team. I'm only $850 away from that goal and your donation, no matter how large or small, will help.

Click the thermometer graphic under the video to make a donation, please.

If you're thinking that Senator Obama has already raised an obscene amount of money and doesn't need any more, let me assure you that office space, that awesome technology infrastructure, advertisements, those cute campaign signs and all of the ancillary needs cost an obscene amount of money. The more that Obama and Biden can be presented to the American people, the greater the opportunity for victory in November. Surely, you didn't think that much fabulosity came cheap!

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Powerful Video and Song: My American Prayer

I saw this video over on Karoli's political blog and had to share it with the readers here. It is visually powerful and lyrically also. Dave Stewart and Bono co-wrote the song and the video was directed by Seth Dalton.



New Poll: Is Biden a Good Choice as Obama’s Running Mate?

The excitement of the Obama-Biden team is likely to overshadow much of the news this week as the Democratic National Convention starts tomorrow. I plan to keep up with convention happenings through a few of the bloggers who were credentialed, my laptop computer and my trusty CrackBerry.

The McCain camp has already started with the negative campaigning using Biden but that's to be expected. The Democratic ticket is set. What say you?

Poll Results: Should Kwame Kilpatrick resign as Mayor of Detroit?

Here are the results of last week's poll on whether Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should resign. The mayor is still in office and there is an upcoming hearing with Michigan Governor Granholm.

One of the two assault charges against him would have been dropped had he accepted a recent plea deal and resigned. Maybe it's just me but it seems a bit inappropriate to use the Mayor's possible resignation as a bargaining chip in a criminal case.



It’s On Now! Obama Chooses Biden for VP!

Happy Saturday, y'all! I am so psyched by the announcement of Senator Joe Biden as the VP candidate on the Democratic ticket. Now I can exhale because you know I thought Senator Obama was going to give in to the pundits and the Clinton machine. I don't need to write anymore on that because if you've been reading my blog for a minute you know I was going to be one ticked off sister.

I can be honest enough to tell you that I was a bit disappointed by the excitement of being the "first to know" of the announcement only to miss the actual text message. Whether you were on the west coast where it was midnight or the east coast where I am and it was 3 AM, that wasn't cool. If the announcement time was planned as a take on that 3 AM phone call crap started by Hillary Clinton, OK, I get the joke but I'm not laughing.

Anyhoo, Senator Biden is an excellent choice for the ticket because he's a real straight talker. McCain's campaign will have a hard time dealing with Biden because he can intelligently address any issue and more important is predictably unpredictable in his response. Biden's straight talk could be perceived a disadvantage by some but I'm looking forward to him coming out of his bag when the McCain camp breaks out with their foolishness.

Let's get ready for the madness for the next phase of the election cycle. Now, let's see who McCain chooses as his running mate; Biden has definitely put the pressure on.

The Obama-Biden Campaign needs money to maintain a powerful presence and put the Democrats in the Oval Office in 2009 so keep those donations coming. Remember that real change is from the bottom up and if we keep doing what we're doing, we'll keep getting what we got.

Peace and Blessings….

Obama to Announce Running Mate Soon

The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to begin on Monday so it comes as no surprise that several media reports indicate that Senator Barack Obama will announce his running mate soon. His V.P. selection will likely be the most important decision he'll make during the campaign.

Who do you think it will be?


Remembering Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones passed away due to a brain aneurysm. She was 58 years old. The congresswoman was found unconscious at the wheel of her car in a Cleveland suburb on Tuesday. She was removed from life support today.

The first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress, Jones was in her fifth term in Congress. She was a staunch supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton during the primary phase of the presidential election. Jones was also noted for lodging a formal objection to the certification of the 2004 presidential election in Ohio due to voting irregularities that allowed President Bush to win the state of Ohio.



Click here for link to official website.


Bush Tours America to Survey Damage Caused by His Presidency

This video is particularly timely considering that we are dealing with the effects of Tropical Storm Fay here in Florida. If only we'd known about President Bush's tour to survey the damage of his presidency.

You know what? We haven't seen hide nor hair of his little brother JEB! What's the dealio?

From: TheOnion

H/T: Electronic Village

Saddleback Civil Forum: A Lie is as Good as the Truth if You Can Get Someone to Believe It

OK, so now we know that the Saddleback Civil Forum was civil but maybe not as pure as the public had been led to believe. The unusually crisp delivery of John McCain may be attributed to the fact that he was not actually in a "cone of silence" as the audience was assured by Pastor Rick Warren.

What anyone from Saddleback Church knew and when they knew it is worthy of discourse even if the McCain Camp and his supporters try to pooh-pooh the matter. It's difficult to believe that Warren's production and event team were not aware that McCain was not actually under a cone of silence. Either he was in place or he wasn't; it's not that difficult.

What are particularly distasteful to me are the responses Pastor Rick Warren has given regarding this situation. Rather than offer a genuine apology for the inconsistency, he insults the public with this retort: "They're dead wrong. That's just sour grapes..." Hmmm…that's not apologetic and not at all what I'd expect from a well-respected man of the cloth.

The fact that McCain handled the questions as well as he did to the point that it raised suspicions should be a bigger issue for his camp to address.

Will this issue blow over? Probably. Will voters think that McCain cheated? Probably. McCain has a history of womanizing and abandonment of his first wife so his integrity is questionable at best. Just as the mainstream media ignored Hillary Clinton's portrayal of her trip to Bosnia, perhaps they will eventually start telling the truth about McCain.

Detroit City Council Can’t Oust Mayor Kilpatrick

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should buy a lottery ticket because he continues to escape being booted from office in spite of the City Council's vigorous attempts. Yesterday, a judge ruled that it was not within the authority of the Council to remove Kilpatrick from office. Didn't someone know that before the drama? No, wait, it's Detroit --- another judge will overrule the previous judge any day now.

Barring that, another option left for those who want to see Mayor Kilpatrick ousted is the hearing conducted by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm in early September. Until then, the saga continues.