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The Chronicles of Kwame Continue

In the circus that is the City of Detroit government, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's lawyers are negotiating a plea deal with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. It is reported that Kilpatrick's attorney advanced deal that includes community service; restitution; probation for five years and agreement not to run for public office for two years.

Prosecutor Worthy wants the Mayor to do jail time and he's trying to avoid that big time. She's also not supportive of a judge being brought in to mediate this issue. A mediator? Would Kilpatrick actually run for office again? It's sad that Detroit has come to this.

One has to wonder just how far and wide the Kilpatrick foolishness flows. For sure, he is to blame for much of the mess but he's also not to blame for all of it. Relationships and favors have to be involved in some of the inane decisions that have kept the trials and tribulations of Kilpatrick in the international spotlight.

It would be nice to know the hows and whys of the current state of the City of Detroit but that is a truth likely in the hands of many and destined never to be exposed.