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Detroit City Council Can’t Oust Mayor Kilpatrick

The Chronicles of Kwame

Detroit, Michigan is one of the few places in America that has the dubious distinction of not making me feel so bad about the bassackward things we do here in Florida. Case in point, the circus/soap opera that has developed around the scandals of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

On any given day, the Detroit newspapers online are replete with one absurdity or another about Kilpatrick's case. Here's video of the heated exchange in which Judge Leonard Townsend grants the Mayor permission to travel to the Democratic National Convention.

Later in the day, 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles, who is presiding over the Mayor's assault case, ordered the mayor to wear the electronic tether again and remain in the tri-county area.

To make matters worse, Mayor Kilpatrick's Mom, Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick barely beat out her Democratic challengers and Dad, Bernard Kilpatrick is under investigation by the FBI for possible involvement in payoff schemes to steer city business to contractors.

There's an entire section of the Detroit Free Press devoted to Mayor Kilpatrick's crises.

Some of the top brass on the City's police force recently gathered together for a belated birthday luncheon for the Mayor. Each of them gave money to the Mayor for his legal defense. On the surface that may not seem so bad but when looking at the big picture in Detroit and the drama still to come in upcoming court cases, it would have seemed wiser to keep the birthday celebration on the low rather than add to the perception of the Mayor as arrogant and oblivious to the law.