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Welcome Joe Biden and Help Me Reach My Fundraising Goal

Here is the e-mail message that was sent to me yesterday after sending a welcome message to Senator Joe Biden on Saturday.

This is the stuff that the Obama Team has done consistently and exceptionally well since his campaign was launched. I'm just waiting for David Axelrod's series of books and seminars on staging political campaigns. That guy has done a super-awesome job and he is going to be mongo rich for revolutionizing political campaigning in the United States.


Now, I realize the Obama-Biden folks sent that message to millions of other Americans, not just me, but it was nice seeing it in my mailbox anyway.

To welcome Senator Biden and show my support for the Obama-Biden Team, I'm making an appeal to you guys to help me reach my personal fundraising goal of $1,000 for the Obama-Biden Team. I'm only $850 away from that goal and your donation, no matter how large or small, will help.

Click the thermometer graphic under the video to make a donation, please.

If you're thinking that Senator Obama has already raised an obscene amount of money and doesn't need any more, let me assure you that office space, that awesome technology infrastructure, advertisements, those cute campaign signs and all of the ancillary needs cost an obscene amount of money. The more that Obama and Biden can be presented to the American people, the greater the opportunity for victory in November. Surely, you didn't think that much fabulosity came cheap!

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