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Last night's presidential forum on CNN was a snoozer. It would have been much better had it been limited to an hour or 90 minutes tops. Since John McCain was first, I dozed off maybe half-way into his segment. I really tried to stay awake but after an exhausting day at work; he was boring. I woke up as Barack Obama's segment was beginning. I stayed awake through most of that but nothing new was revealed about either candidate. I coulda had a V-8.

These two men have been under a microscope for almost two years. What more can be disclosed about their policy positions or their personal lives that we already don't know? I mean really. But then again I have to realize that most Americans haven't been following the presidential election as closely as my friends and I have, so perhaps this repetitiveness is for the folks who still need to get up to speed to make an informed decision.

But then who are we kidding? Perhaps most American voters are just voting for the person they like. How else can two terms of the George W. Bush presidency be explained?

I have to give Senator Obama credit, he is quite engaging. I can only imagine him to be an exceptional law professor. Unfortunately, Obama may be too smart for many Americans. Perhaps his extensive vocabulary and slow, deliberate style make him appear uppity to some people. I think it just adds to his coolness.

Intelligence is sexy but dumbing it down may win elections in this sound bite society in which we live.

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