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Biden Says McCain is Not the One

McCain Suspends Campaign: Leadership or Cowardice?

I could hardly believe it when I heard that Senator John McCain was suspending his presidential campaign to work on the nation's economy and that he asked Senator Barack Obama to do the same. Excuse me? This from the man who basically dared Obama to debate him a few months ago and chide Obama for not agreeing to the debate schedule he recommended? Give me a break.

McCain even wants to cancel the first debate scheduled for Friday. I like what Senator Obama said in response. I do hope Obama refrains from offering that olive branch to McCain again. Try as they like, the McCain campaign cannot effectively spin this to his favor.

The political pundits can analyze the positives and negatives to both the Obama and the McCain campaigns but the average American voter, and that's who really counts, will view McCain as running away from a fight. Some maverick McCain is.

I do hope that CNN doesn't cancel the debate. I also hope that CNN doesn't switch dates with the vice-presidential candidates. Just setup the stage as if he were there; that would be very effective.

McCain is in a precarious situation. If he makes the wrong decision it could cost him votes of supporters and push undecided voters over to Obama.

Rather than looking like a leader; he just looks afraid to take on Obama. Let's see what happens over the next couple of days but I think McCain will show up for the debate. He wouldn't dare allow Obama to be in the position to use the plethora of one-liners regarding his absence. McCain also shouldn't want to tick all those folks at Ole Miss who have been preparing for the debate.

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