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No Match No Vote Law Controversy in Key States

Supposedly, in an attempt to fight voter fraud, four states: Florida, South Dakota, Louisiana and Iowa will enforce a "No Match, No Vote" law. What that means in a nutshell is if information doesn't match between a voter identification card and a person's driver's license or Social Security card, that person will be ineligible to vote in the Nov. 4 general election.

Now that may not seem like a bad thing but let's put it in perspective. In Florida, this "No Match, No Vote" provision was enacted in 2006. Why wait until this historical general election to actually enforce it? Millions more Americans than usual will likely participate in the 2008 general election. Shortly before the voting records are closed in October, this is put in place? Not a wise move.

But then perhaps it's not if one want s to disenfranchise voters who are likely to vote Democratic this year.

And why would I make should a statement? Well, quite simply, the burden of proof of eligibility is left up to the voter. That's still not a problem either until one realizes that the elections supervisor of each county in this nation should notify the effected voter prior to the vote taking place to give the voter sufficient time to have any errors corrected. Elections supervisors and their staffs are far too busy to do that.

What's likely to happen is that voters will find out when they try to vote. A voter whose status is questioned will be given a provisional ballot, allowed to vote and then two days to prove eligibility. If I'm a voter who has a job that can't be missed for two days or I'm poor and can't afford the transportation costs and other incidentals, do you really think I'll follow-through on proving eligibility? I don't think so.

Thus, may be the outcome of thousands of votes throughout the country. No match, no vote is no good. Check with your elections department now to confirm your eligibility and avoid Election Day drama.

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