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President Clinton on Larry King Live Tonight on CNN

Bill Clinton Tonight!

The political stakes couldn't be higher. Which candidate has the edge; who's running behind? What is he thinking... about everything? Bill Clinton also discusses the Clinton Global Initiative -- a non-partisan movement that focuses on serious issues affecting the world today.

Tonight, 9pm ET

I can hardly wait to see Bill Clinton on Larry King Live tonight on CNN. In my opinion, it's obvious that the Clintons are still smarting from the defeat during primaries but they are willing to put forth some effort to support Barack Obama's candidacy for POTUS.

Will Larry King make Bill Clinton squirm the way those women on The View did? Clinton was uncomfortable when asked about Hillary and the vice-presidency.

From other interviews, I've heard Clinton say he thinks Obama will win. I'm happy to hear that but that also puts more fear in the hearts of the Republican Party which means they will resort to other tactics to win this election.

Regardless of philosophical or political differences, this interview with Bill Clinton will be watched by many. His opinion is still valued and he's wise enough to do what's necessary to protect the Clinton legacy.

Check out the show tonight and let me know what you think.

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