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Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tried to appear tough and knowledgeable during last night's interview with ABC-TV's Charlie Gibson. She succeeded at neither.

While I wouldn't describe Palin's interview as a flop, clearly she is not ready to lead the United States or serve as its vice president. Palin was obviously nervous and uncomfortable. The confident demeanor she projected when delivering speeches to supporters, quickly turned to cockiness --- not a good look.

Palin hedged on a few questions and was defensive on others. While Gibson has been criticized for being unfairly hard on her in his questioning, I think he was far too easy on her. He was exasperated and it showed.

Many news reports on the interview mention her bungling of the question about the Bush Doctrine. She didn't know the answer and didn't know how to get out of answering the question without looking bad. She tried but it didn't work.

Of the most concern to me was not her response on the Bush Doctrine or being able to see Russia from her state; what bothered me the most was her response that she didn't blink when McCain offered her the vice-president spot on his ticket.

Regardless of gender or Party affiliation, I'd like to think that a potential candidate would have taken some time to think about it and discuss it with their family. Either Palin's exaggerating again or we have another hot head on our hands; one John McCain is enough.

You can find differing opinions of Palin's performance during the interview. I advise you to see for yourself and listen with an objective ear.

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