Did She Really Say That?
The Palin Pregnancy is a Family Matter but Why Would McCain Jeopardize the Republican Ticket?

Say it Ain’t So: The Palin Pregnancy Cover-up Rumors Heat Up with Announcement

Well, I guess it comes down to more foolishness with the Palin Pregnancy Patrol as CNN officially announced that 17 year-old Bristol Palin is indeed 5 months pregnant. As expected, Bristol is going to keep the baby and marry the father. As expected, the McCain camp said it was aware of the pregnancy during the vetting of Sarah Palin.

Also as expected, the McCain camp is blaming the Obama camp for fueling rumors of Bristol as the actual birth mother of 4 month-old baby brother Trig and not their mother, Sarah.

Now, wait just one minute. Are we expected to believe that the McCain camp actually knew of the unwed daughter's pregnancy during the vetting process and selected Palin anyway? Give me a break.

One can only imagine the exchanges that have taken place since the pregnancy cover-up rumors proliferated the internet. The social conservatives are reeling with this news. Agreement to marry the father will not be sufficient compensation in light of their opposition to premarital sex and the potential embarrassment to the GOP.

McCain has to play this hand that he has been dealt but this announcement will definitely damage his chances at winning the White House. Accusations of the Palins and McCain as liars will be bolstered by the pregnancy cover-up and now this announcement.

I wasn't going to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket anyway and this pregnancy brouhaha is all too funky and creepy for me. I'm just praying that the innocent children caught up in this mess will be protected from potential emotional and mental distress.

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