McCain Campaign Goes Defensive (Again) During Interview
Truth in Blogging: Mudflats

The Real John McCain and Why He Should Not be Elected POTUS

I saw the first video below over at one of Linda Sama's blogs, Ramblings of an Ageless HippieChick. I have to tell you, that blog is on fi-ya. She's posting some good stuff.There are comprehensive posts on Sarah Palin and the kool-aid the Rethuglicans are trying to get us to drink regarding the presidential election.

Anyhoo, this video is scary as it puts the McCain POW hook in its proper perspective. Now, don't get it twisted, military service to this country is acknowledged and sincerely appreciated but let's step back a bit and look at this issue realistically.

If you're not afraid that a bunch of mindless, bigoted troglodytes could elect John McCain POTUS; you should be. General Wesley Clark was correct when he said that being a POW was not a qualification to be president. If that's the case, there are 600 other former prisoners who should run for president because they sacrificed and suffered also.

If the Dems were disingenuous like the Rethuglicans, they would mock McCain's pimping of that period in his life; but they won't. Remember that tale he told about drawing a cross in the sand during the forum farce at Saddleback Church? Well, there's also doubt about whether it is true.

Enough of the lies and spin already. Anyone who votes for the McCain-Palin ticket deserves the hell this country will continue to experience if they win.

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