Opie for Obama
Alaska’s Top Newspaper Endorses Obama

As the Political World Turns

I've been volunteering at one of the local Obama-Biden campaign offices so my blogging time has been even more limited. The foolishness and other news that has occurred lately have been fast-paced. Just as I was going to post the Colin Powell interview with "Meet the Press" when he nicely sliced and diced John McCain, then this chick Ashley Todd acts the fool and tries to pull a major punking of American voters by blaming a black man for attacking her. There have been reports of vandalism in neighborhoods regarding yard signs supporting either Obama or McCain. Foolishness.

Let's not forget the cost of outfitting Six Pack Sarah and her crew. Let's see, $150,000 and not a damn thing from Wal-mart? Wonder what Joe the Plumber has to say about that.

The Barack Obama campaign has raised over $700 million and McCain and his operatives criticize him for not participating in the public campaign finance program. Uh huh.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, she seems to be distancing herself from McCain just as he tries to do President Bush. She is openly disagreeing with McCain's position on issues. I do believe that she's campaigning for her next position --- Palin for President in 2012. She is the one drawing the Republican crowds. Hey, that's what happens when you choose a maverick as your running mate. Ha!