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Donna Brazile: Enough Said

OK, I don't know if white people and men will get the message that Donna Brazile laid out in this video but after she finished all I could say is "Can I get an A-men?"

Now, I knew Donna had been holding it in for a few because this campaign season has gone from silly to weird to mean-spirited and hate-filled. She let loose in a manner that is born of the frustration in continuing to deal with the same foolishness that blacks and women have been dealing with for years.

I happen to think that enough folks from all ethnic groups, religious beliefs, sexual preferences and age groups will vote for the change we need in this country. Yes, there will be stalwarts who won't vote for Barack Obama because he's not of their political party affiliation or they don't agree with his platform. If they don't vote for him because he's black, remember these words from Donna Brazile and the fact that many blacks, women and other minorities feel the same way she does.


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