The Last of the Great Debates
If Joe the Plumber Lived in Florida, He Couldn’t Vote

McCain – 0, “That One” – 3

Last night's debate was far more interesting than the previous three in the series. Senator McCain had an effective start and seemed to be very different than his last debate with Senator Obama.

Unfortunately, McCain got off focus and off message. He allowed his emotions, particularly frustration, to get the best of him. McCain lost control. Game over.

I'm not insinuating that he was out of control, but he definitely lost focus and allowed Obama's calm demeanor to frustrate him more.

McCain interrupted Obama several times and rebutted with the finesse of a rookie. His facial expressions and sighs of exasperation confirmed his reputation as a hot head. McCain committed many of the same mistakes Hillary Clinton did during the Primary. Folks with so much experience in politics know that losing your cool is losing your game.

For most of the debate, I wondered what the moderator thought his purpose was. McCain was on the attack and had the last word on each question for much of the debate. Each time he did that he came across as desperate rather than aggressive. Not a good look.

McCain continued to lie about his economic platform and that of Barack Obama. He spent far too much time bashing Obama rather than convincing voters in a substantive manner, why he should be elected POTUS. McCain also lied when feigning indignation about the John Lewis about Obama's refusal to repudiate Lewis.

Actually, Obama did comment on the issue but probably not to McCain's liking. McCain also forgot that he did not repudiate his running mate for her rabble-rousing, fear-mongering tactics. Neither did he repudiate Lee County (FL) Sheriff Mike Scott either. When he did try to admonish some supporters at a town hall meeting, he was weak in his conviction and delivery.

When all was said and done after the debate, Obama's poll numbers were even more favorable than ever. The race seems to be a slam dunk for Obama but don't count McCain out. Ever.




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