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No Excuses for Ashley Todd

By now you've heard about the foolishness caused by the false report of an assault on a young, female John McCain supporter. The young lady, a Caucasian, reported that she had been attacked by a black man. Not your average-sized black man but a 6feet 4 inch dark-skinned black man. Now if that's not said to scare the hell out of white women and piss white men off, I don't know what is.

But, in this "post-racial" world that we live in, there will be other incidents such as this. The reality of the aftermath of Ms. Todd's lie is that somewhere in the Philadelphia area where this attack allegedly occurred, black mothers were trying to get their sons home and pray that they were safe from the cops and vigilantes looking for revenge for the victimized Ms. Todd.    

Ms. Todd obviously has some psychological issues but she doesn't get a pass for telling a lie and bruising herself. This false accusation crap is old and tired but obviously still effective. How many of you still remember the uproar caused by Susan Smith and Charles Stuart?

While the McCain-Palin campaign doesn't condone such actions by Ms. Todd, they must realize that this is the type of hatred stoked by the flavor of their town hall meetings.

Thankfully, law enforcement doubted Ms. Todd's story from the outset. There could have been a completely different and violent reaction but there wasn't. On the other hand The Drudge Report and did but into it and were forced to apologize later.

What happens next with Ashley Todd? I say she needs to be incarcerated for several years and be forced to pay restitution for the cost of law enforcement and other incidentals.


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