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Presidential Debate II: McCain – 0, “That One” - 2

John McCain could not have been a happy camper going into last night's debate with Barack Obama's growing lead in national polls and increasing projected lead in claiming states on the Electoral Map. McCain should have been looking forward to the town hall format because that's his specialty when reaching out to voters.

What actually occurred was more of an Obama smackdown than anything else. You can watch it for yourself but Obama was the clear winner and anyone who says otherwise is just kidding themselves and trying to kid you too.

McCain came across as an angry old man and Obama was, well, "too cool for school." It was actually a lot like watching Obama debate Hillary Clinton and her getting her panties in a bunch. You'd think the McCain folks would have learned that lesson already but obviously they haven't.

Senator McCain was not in control and performed as one would expect a rookie debater to do. He was condescending to Obama and a young black man in the audience who asked McCain a question. McCain insinuated the young man didn't know who Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were until recently. It was a dismissive comment and something I would expect to hear from someone who addresses almost everyone as "my friend".

McCain needed to win this debate to turn the tide rolling in Obama's favor. Perhaps he can change that over the next 27 days but I don't think so. His one trick strategy for the rest of the campaign is negativity.


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