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Sarah Palin’s Media Slump

Sarah Palin is getting her butt kicked in the media lately. I didn't write 'by' the media, 'in' the media.

It seems that she's been checked on state travel expenses paid for her children, the amount of money spent on her wardrobe and her incorrect answer regarding the responsibility of the VP. Let me not forget the apology she was forced to make for insinuating who is or is not a "real American".

With less than two weeks until Election Day, and early voting already taking place in many parts of the country, now is definitely not the time for the Republicans to deal with these distractions.    The Republican leadership must be cringing.

I don't know which of these issues is worse but I do know that she is more of a reason to vote for Obama-Biden. Palin is so dangerous. Can you imagine her overstepping her constitutional limitations as VP? Can you imagine the American public allowing her to do so?

Some of the American public may like her and come out to see her at rallies. They may even have laughed at the Sarah Palin rap on Saturday Night Live. However, all the laughs will not erase the fact that she is not ready for prime time. The more she speaks, the more I wonder how in the world the people of Alaska elected her governor.


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