Political Strategy of the Last Resort: Play Dirty
McCain – 0, “That One” – 3

The Last of the Great Debates

Well, tonight is the night of the last debate of this presidential campaign. Based on the runaway poll numbers of Senator Obama, this race is his to lose.

The McCain-Palin team has been drubbed by voters and the media for the unanswered actions of some of their supporters who have shouted death threats toward Senator Obama and racial epithets toward blacks on duty at rallies. Senator McCain has chastised Senator Obama for not repudiating comments made by Congressman John Lewis regarding the segregationist tone of the McCain-Palin campaign. Such is the ugliness that America would prefer not be shown to the world.

As Obama's numbers rise, he seems to exude more calmness and McCain and Palin become angrier in their tone.

It is likely that McCain will speak to issues he feels damaging to Obama during tonight's debate --- Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko. He'll also continue to lie to voters about their taxes being raised under Obama's Tax Plan and question Obama's leadership. If McCain is not careful in framing those topics, he could end up doing more harm to his already weakened campaign.

Obama will likely continue in his deliberate manner. If he continues to keep his cool when McCain tries to rattle him, it will be another win for the Democratic ticket.



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