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After the Election: Now What?

This is Day 3 after Barack Obama was elected POTUS. Some close friends and I had been somewhat married to the presidential campaign for almost the last two years so the abrupt but expected end to our relationship required me to chill out for a few days. You know how emotionally-draining the ending of a relationship can be. I just needed a nap and some butter pecan ice cream to help me work through this. I've watched television briefly but haven't read a newspaper since the morning of November 5th. I really needed to wind down.

I also realize that I may owe an apology to some people I've talked to since becoming a bona fide political junkie. For those folks, especially my co-workers, alumni buddies, sorority sisters, family members and strangers with whom the mere mention of the presidential election sent me to a zone in which I'm sure I could have been borderline obnoxious, I probably should say I'm sorry. I also should not have displayed such righteous indignation when some of you insisted on supporting Hillary after you accused me of drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

I'm sure I interrupted when you tried to explain why Barack Obama should have chosen Hillary Clinton as his running mate and when you said he would never win. I was raised better than that. For that, I truly apologize. Regardless of my passion, I really should not have interrupted; that's just rude. As far as the rest of my behavior is concerned, I ain't apologizing for none of that!

And another thing, a couple of you owe me money. I'm not gonna call you out on this blog right now but you know who you are. You bet me that Barack Obama wouldn't win. You told me why he couldn't beat the Clinton political machine. You told me he couldn't raise enough money because he hadn't been on the political scene long enough. You told me white people wouldn't vote for him. Ha! I should be gracious right now but I'm not. Pay me my money! Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

On a serious note, it feels a little weird not volunteering at the Obama for America campaign office; it had become a ritual. I'm back to getting my blog on regularly and keeping an eye and ear to what's happening on the political scene in this country and around the world. We're in for an exciting time in the United States and times that will test our mettle. Let's always remember that change comes from the bottom up and that the people really run the show. I am fully engaged in this political process and hope we stick and stay together.

Peace – Light – Love and most of all…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!



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