Senator Barack Obama Deals with Loss
Just How Desperate is the GOP?

Lessons Learned from Barack Obama

Regardless of the outcome of today's election, we are forever changed by the candidacy of Barack Obama for president of the United States of America. Senator Obama's campaign has brought out the best in people and the worse in others. We have seen the true character of our leaders and the rise of the people.

Yes, there has been a revolution in this country. Much like Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Malcolm X, Obama has shown us how to be cool under pressure. We have been reminded that the people control their own destiny.

What happens on November 5th and thereafter? The world will not change overnight. We will still struggle with downward spiraling economy, injustice, prejudice, a broken healthcare system and an education system in need of an overhaul.   

Senator Barack Obama has been tested during these last two years of campaigning. Whether it was the Hillary Clinton campaign or the McCain campaign, Obama stayed focus and on message. He has shown us how to handle pressure and to make sure that we are prepared for whatever task is before us. Preparation is part of Obama's secret as is many other effective leaders. Senator Obama has been consistently cool, calm, collected, and confident. Obama and his team out-prepared and therefore out-performed his challengers.

He put together a team that forever changed political campaigning and he has united people in a manner that has not been seen since the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Obama stayed focus, Obama stayed on message and Obama tolerated no-drama. You have to respect and admire a leader like that. Now, let's continue the positive change in this country.



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