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Obama's Cell Phone Records Breached by Verizon Wireless Employees

Obama_on_cell_phone It was recently reported that cell phone data records of President-Elect Obama were improperly breached by several Verizon Wireless employees. The phone is reported to be voice only and there was no access to e-mail voice messages.

Verizon Wireless President and Chief Executive Lowell McAdam apologized to Obama and said all employees who had had access to Obama's account, whether authorized or not, were put on immediate leave with pay.

Verizon Wireless has launched an internal invesigation. Employees involved face suspension and even teermination.

How uncool and unwise of those employees. Their antics are a perfect example why he shouldn't use a BlackBerry.

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Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey but That Doesn’t Save Turkey Slaughtered On Camera [Video]

Sarah…Sarah…Sarah. Pull up already, please. It is so difficult to put words on this page when describing the latest fiasco of obvious 2012 presidential wannabe Sarah Palin. She has been in major media overload since the McCain-Palin ticket lost the general election and someone needs to tell her to chill out...pull up...enough alaready.

This latest fiasco is video of her giving an interview while a turkey is slaughtered in the background. Keep in mind that the purpose of the interview was to highlight her pardoning a turkey. WARNING: Video may not be suitable for children or the squeamish.

Was that a Twilight Zone moment or what? Perhaps such cruelty doesn't cause one blink of an eye in Alaska, but it doesn't play well in Peoria...or anywhere else. To most folks, it is disgusting…horrific…gross…you get my drift.

I've witnessed the killing of chickens and hogs and that totally messed up my mind for a few weeks. I know we have to eat but there are some things better left unseen.

Meanwhile, back to Sarah Palin. What in the world was she thinking? This is the person who could have been this country's second-in-command. Those general election creepy feelings I had are actually coming back. Eeew

Those totally grossed out may want to go here:


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The General Election That Will Not End, Part 1: Alaska

A week and a half after the November 4th General Election Day and a winner has not been declared in the Alaska senatorial race.

The folks in Alaska are still counting mail-in votes and votes initially rejected because they were improperly filed or damaged. Do you smell lawsuit no matter who wins?

Democrat and Anchorage mayor Mark Begich was in the lead by 814 votes as of Thursday. Republican incumbent and convicted felon Ted Stevens  was in the lead by some 3,200 votes on election night before the count of those votes began.

What’s up with the folks in Alaska that they would elect a convicted felon and this race would be so close in the first place? That Sarah Palin governorship is not such a surprise after messiness like that.

Speaking of Sarah, it’s likely that if Stevens wins, she may end up as Senator and be able to enhance her political resume’ on her way to sustained prominence within the GOP.

There are 40,000 votes still to be counted; perhaps we will know who the winner is before Christmas.

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Sarah Palin Absorbs All of the Air at GOP Governors Meeting

My work schedule has not permitted me to visit the site of the meeting of the Republican Governors Association held here in Miami. As expected, much of the media attention has been focused on Alaska's governor and former VEEP candidate, Sarah Palin. It's such a shame. So close but yet so far.

I really mean that I'd like to meet her. Regardless of our political differences, she is quite a political figure. Most of the other governors have been practically ignored. While she hasn't monopolized the local news broadcasts, she's been all over national news.  Her coverage by the media is not exactly good for the GOP.

She's still not ready to be in the media spotlight and each time she is, her personal brand suffers. Rather than take a conciliatory position on the election of Barack Obama as president, this woman continues with language she used during the campaign when she ragged on Obama. Of course I'm not certain but I really think she didn't know what to say else to say. Just as she thought she should give a concession speech on election evening, she's just out of touch with protocol and decorum. It's obvious that the other governors are trying to figure out how to deal with Sarah Palin and not focus negative attention on the GOP. What a dilemma the GOP finds themselves in.

In the meantime, the governors came to consensus that they would not bring up the topic of the presidential election in 2012 but talk of 2010 elections. Of course Palin will not stay on script because she's too much of a maverick. Stay tuned because 2012 will be hear before you know it. As a matter of fact, the presidential election madness may start again in 2010.


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After the Election: Now What?

This is Day 3 after Barack Obama was elected POTUS. Some close friends and I had been somewhat married to the presidential campaign for almost the last two years so the abrupt but expected end to our relationship required me to chill out for a few days. You know how emotionally-draining the ending of a relationship can be. I just needed a nap and some butter pecan ice cream to help me work through this. I've watched television briefly but haven't read a newspaper since the morning of November 5th. I really needed to wind down.

I also realize that I may owe an apology to some people I've talked to since becoming a bona fide political junkie. For those folks, especially my co-workers, alumni buddies, sorority sisters, family members and strangers with whom the mere mention of the presidential election sent me to a zone in which I'm sure I could have been borderline obnoxious, I probably should say I'm sorry. I also should not have displayed such righteous indignation when some of you insisted on supporting Hillary after you accused me of drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

I'm sure I interrupted when you tried to explain why Barack Obama should have chosen Hillary Clinton as his running mate and when you said he would never win. I was raised better than that. For that, I truly apologize. Regardless of my passion, I really should not have interrupted; that's just rude. As far as the rest of my behavior is concerned, I ain't apologizing for none of that!

And another thing, a couple of you owe me money. I'm not gonna call you out on this blog right now but you know who you are. You bet me that Barack Obama wouldn't win. You told me why he couldn't beat the Clinton political machine. You told me he couldn't raise enough money because he hadn't been on the political scene long enough. You told me white people wouldn't vote for him. Ha! I should be gracious right now but I'm not. Pay me my money! Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

On a serious note, it feels a little weird not volunteering at the Obama for America campaign office; it had become a ritual. I'm back to getting my blog on regularly and keeping an eye and ear to what's happening on the political scene in this country and around the world. We're in for an exciting time in the United States and times that will test our mettle. Let's always remember that change comes from the bottom up and that the people really run the show. I am fully engaged in this political process and hope we stick and stay together.

Peace – Light – Love and most of all…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!



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Just How Desperate is the GOP?

In an incredible poor sense of timing, poor taste, and just plain ole foolishness, the California GOP has sunk to a new low by filing a complaint with the FEC over Barack Obama's use of his campaign airplane to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii.

Give me a break. Is this the best these folks could come up with? The man was trying to see his grandmother before she passed and these numb nuts wanted him to catch a regular airplane. You've got to be kidding. I'm glad he used the most expeditious means of getting to her and was able to see her before she passed.

You may have noticed I've resisted the urge to refer to the GOP as Rethuglicans lately but they definitely deserve it after a shameful move like this.

You know McCain and the GOP are trying to hold on to as many seats as possible throughout the United States but they do that at the risk of tarnishing their personal brand and Party brand for many years to come. It's lame moves like this and selecting Sarah Palin for VP that may appeal to the conservative base but alienates the Rethuglicans from moderate conservatives, independents and conservative democrats.

It's bad enough that these folks seem to have no problems in attracting a mainly non-diverse ethnic group of supporters. This stunt is the lowest of the low. It's time for a change.



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Lessons Learned from Barack Obama

Regardless of the outcome of today's election, we are forever changed by the candidacy of Barack Obama for president of the United States of America. Senator Obama's campaign has brought out the best in people and the worse in others. We have seen the true character of our leaders and the rise of the people.

Yes, there has been a revolution in this country. Much like Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Malcolm X, Obama has shown us how to be cool under pressure. We have been reminded that the people control their own destiny.

What happens on November 5th and thereafter? The world will not change overnight. We will still struggle with downward spiraling economy, injustice, prejudice, a broken healthcare system and an education system in need of an overhaul.   

Senator Barack Obama has been tested during these last two years of campaigning. Whether it was the Hillary Clinton campaign or the McCain campaign, Obama stayed focus and on message. He has shown us how to handle pressure and to make sure that we are prepared for whatever task is before us. Preparation is part of Obama's secret as is many other effective leaders. Senator Obama has been consistently cool, calm, collected, and confident. Obama and his team out-prepared and therefore out-performed his challengers.

He put together a team that forever changed political campaigning and he has united people in a manner that has not been seen since the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Obama stayed focus, Obama stayed on message and Obama tolerated no-drama. You have to respect and admire a leader like that. Now, let's continue the positive change in this country.



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Senator Barack Obama Deals with Loss

One can only feel compassion and empathy for Senator Barack Obama as he confronts one of the happiest periods of his life and one of the saddest. His maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham has transitioned. Obama suspended his campaign to visit her in Hawaii as her health worsened. The senator's grandparents shaped his personality and taught him a work ethic that he still demonstrates today. Senator Obama announced his grandmother's passing and continued campaigning as the polls will open in a few hours. Please view and sign her guestbook.

The senator is also coping with the loss of his Nevada campaign director, Terence Tolbert. He passed away after suffering a heart attack while driving alone. Tolbert was only 44 years old.    

Tolbert was a well-known and respected lobbyist in New York City. He is credited with Senator Obama's success in Nevada, a swing state.


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Michigan Woman Says No Treats for Obama Supporters

This is very sad but true. A woman from Gross Pointe Farms, MI who is a John McCain supporter, denied treats to children who support Barack Obama.

My God, is this the kind of foolishness we'll have to deal with on November 5th? Regardless of who wins, this country has to keep moving. All signs point to an Obama-Biden victory but that's not what this post is about. How can an adult deny children candy because of politics? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that's just sick.

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