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Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey but That Doesn’t Save Turkey Slaughtered On Camera [Video]

Sarah…Sarah…Sarah. Pull up already, please. It is so difficult to put words on this page when describing the latest fiasco of obvious 2012 presidential wannabe Sarah Palin. She has been in major media overload since the McCain-Palin ticket lost the general election and someone needs to tell her to chill out...pull up...enough alaready.

This latest fiasco is video of her giving an interview while a turkey is slaughtered in the background. Keep in mind that the purpose of the interview was to highlight her pardoning a turkey. WARNING: Video may not be suitable for children or the squeamish.

Was that a Twilight Zone moment or what? Perhaps such cruelty doesn't cause one blink of an eye in Alaska, but it doesn't play well in Peoria...or anywhere else. To most folks, it is disgusting…horrific…gross…you get my drift.

I've witnessed the killing of chickens and hogs and that totally messed up my mind for a few weeks. I know we have to eat but there are some things better left unseen.

Meanwhile, back to Sarah Palin. What in the world was she thinking? This is the person who could have been this country's second-in-command. Those general election creepy feelings I had are actually coming back. Eeew

Those totally grossed out may want to go here:


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