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Thanksgiving Interrupted by Terror in Mumbai

Today's Thanksgiving Day post has been interrupted by the carnage and terror in Mumbai, India. Many are dead with more many more injured. The lack of communication with hostages only lends itself to allowing one's imagination to takeover and that's not a good thing.

It has been reported that the terrorists singled out Americans and British. The terrorist grouping claiming responsibility for these latest acts is unknown to American intelligence. Instead of watching the usual historical Thanksgiving propaganda, our broadcast and print media is being held hostage by this foolishness.

Of course, President-elect Barack Obama is being drawn into the mix by media analysts. It's likely he'll be blamed for this by Rush Limbaugh since he already blamed Obama for our economic crisis.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India so there's no telling what the ripple effect will have on the the United States and the rest of the world. Please pray for an expeditious resolution to this situation and for the victims and their families.

And now back to giving Thanks for family and friends...

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