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The General Election That Will Not End, Part 1: Alaska

A week and a half after the November 4th General Election Day and a winner has not been declared in the Alaska senatorial race.

The folks in Alaska are still counting mail-in votes and votes initially rejected because they were improperly filed or damaged. Do you smell lawsuit no matter who wins?

Democrat and Anchorage mayor Mark Begich was in the lead by 814 votes as of Thursday. Republican incumbent and convicted felon Ted Stevens  was in the lead by some 3,200 votes on election night before the count of those votes began.

What’s up with the folks in Alaska that they would elect a convicted felon and this race would be so close in the first place? That Sarah Palin governorship is not such a surprise after messiness like that.

Speaking of Sarah, it’s likely that if Stevens wins, she may end up as Senator and be able to enhance her political resume’ on her way to sustained prominence within the GOP.

There are 40,000 votes still to be counted; perhaps we will know who the winner is before Christmas.

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