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Simpson O. J. Simpson and Charles Stewart were sentenced yesterday by Las Vegas judge Jackie Glass. Charged with twelve counts including armed robbery and kidnapping, Simpson was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison. He must serve at least nine years before he’s eligible for parole.

In delivering the sentences, Judge Glass made the point several times that the sentencing was based on the current trial and was not impacted by Simpson’s murder trial in 1996. It’s really hard to believe that the previous trial did not influence the Vegas trial but it would be difficult to prove otherwise.

If you think me one of the folks who celebrated when Simpson was found not guilty in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman you’re wrong. I do believe the occurrences leading up to the Vegas trial and the circumstances surrounding it a bit contrived, questionable and overkill. I mean who records conversations between people who are supposed to be friends unless there is an ulterior motive?

That aside, I’ve always thought Simpson should have been locked up for something from the double murder trial. His actions or more appropriate, antics, were further proof of his cry for help.

Pick something --- his domestic issues with Nicole look-alike girlfriend, Christie Prody; whack videos; theft of cable service or especially that book, If I Did It. I mean, really. That’s just the foolishness I can think of off the top of my head.

The harsh words of the judge and frequent use of the word “stupid” when referencing Simpson was a stark contrast to the dignity he displayed during the double murder trial. It was truly pathetic.

As expected, Ron Goldman’s dad and sister expressed their feeling of vindication for his death. Is it just me or was anyone else ticked off by the statement from Denise Brown,"It is very sad to think that an individual who had it all, an amazing career, beautiful wife and two precious children has ended up like this." Excuse me, before marrying Nicole, O.J. had another beautiful wife, Marguerite. Before Sydney and Justin with Nicole, there were three precious children --- Arnelle, Jason and Aaren with Marguerite. Surely, she didn’t intentionally ignore O.J.’s other wife and children; all are in pain except little Aaren who passed away as a toddler in 1979.

The saga of O.J. Simpson is far from over because his lawyers will appeal this last case. At 61, one would think O.J. Simpson wouldn’t find himself in this situation. With all of the opportunities he was afforded it’s unbelievable he’s messed up his life so much.  Will prison afford him time for retrospect and repentance? Only time will tell.


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