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My Two-Week Vacation Rant/Release

Today is the first day of the Winter Break at my job. That means I do not have to report to work for two weeks, work weeks that is.

Like many of my co-workers, I am both physically and mentally exhausted. You see the economic recession depression continues to wreak havoc upon our organization and more of our work friends will be without jobs soon after the new year starts.

Is this intended to be a depressing blog post? No. What I'm trying to get to in this sleep-deprived state I'm in is that this Christmas is a real Christmas for me and many others.

There was more talk of being grateful for family and friends. These same people discussed sacrificing a portion of their salary to save two co-workers who would have been let go shortly after the new year.

I don't know the details of how it was worked out; I just know that there were tears of joy shed when we found out there would be funding made available to keep the two co-workers on board for six more months.

Some of us had been in prayer and working quietly to help our co-workers. Our prayers were answered and so were theirs. That was the best present ever.

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