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Putting the RNC Chip Saltsman CD Controversy in Perspective

When I saw the tweet from Don Lemon of CNN about the RNC (Republican National Committee) releasing the “Barack the Magic Negro” song, my first thought was --- What’s the big deal? That’s so last year. Then when Lemon sent us non-believers a link to more info on the issue, the reason for the hoopla became apparent.


It seems that Chip Saltsman, a candidate for chair of the RNC sent out a CD with that song on it. I think I sent Lemon a tweet with something about Saltsman being SOS --- Stuck On Stupid.

My position on Saltsman hasn’t changed but we should step back and look at the situation from different perspective. I think many in the mainstream media did this story and their viewers or readers a disservice. The focus of the reporting of Saltsman’s faux pas is on the Magic Negro song but it’s my understanding that there are 41 songs on the CD.

Rather than focusing on the Magic Negro song, how about equal reporting on the cut titled Star Spanglish Banner? Are we to be lead to believe that the GOP are insensitive bastards only regarding blacks? I don’t think so.

In this post-racial soon-to-be-lead-by-Barack-Obama nation in which we live, the truth is that folks like Saltsman and those who defend him really find no fault in that compilation of supposed parody. “You people are too sensitive. Can’t you take a joke?” Yadda…yadda…yadda.

Speaking of those defending Saltsman, enter one Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, also candidate for RNC Chair. Blackwell condemns the hypersensitivity to race. Blackwell is black. Other black Republicans may not publicly protest the distribution of the CD, but clearly understand the heat they will take from other blacks for their political affiliation.


So, where’s the outrage from Latinos about the Star Spanglish Banner foolishness? It’s difficult to find comedy in the mean-spirited words and images of that song.

This is funny.


Well, when all is said and done, we really shouldn’t be surprised by this latest incident from Republican leaders. They are just being true to themselves.  Does that reflect the position of all Republicans? Of course not. Will the Republican Party suffer because of this? Of course, it will. But, here’s a safe bet – Chip Saltsman will not be RNC Chair.