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The Rodney Blagojevich Scandal and Why Jesse Jr. Needs to Shut Up!

Trib OK, so I knew very little about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich prior to his stance with the takeover of the Republic Windows and Doors plant by fired workers. Now that his indiscretions have been made public, we get to know way more than we want about his background and relationships. Excuse me, this guy appears to have been sheisty deisty for quite some time; it’s not really news.

I’m not going to regurgitate everything I’ve heard and read about this guy but let me just say that he is a piece of work if there ever was one. His lack of finesse is astounding and an insult to Mafioso everywhere. What’s with this guy and his wife?

I mean to shakedown a children’s hospital is about as low as you can go. Then to try to finagle jobs and board appointments for the wife is there no limit? Oh, yeah, there was a request regarding his wife’s real estate license and helping the Chicago Tribune sell Wrigley Field. Heck, Gov. Blago probably has boosted The Trib’s sales with this “pay for play” scandal.

Then there’s the selling of President-elect Obama’s former senate seat to the highest bidder. There were six candidate for the seat according to published reports. Allegedly Obama wanted Valerie Jarrett, Candidate #1. Allegedly, she removed herself from the running after Blago did his sales pitch.

Then there are a few other folks whose identity is speculative and there’s Candidate # 5 --- Jesse Jackson, Jr.  Jesse Jr. made no secret of his desire to be appointed to Obama’s old seat. Would he promise Blago a half million dollars for the senate seat? Hmmmm....inquiring minds want to know.

Jackson should have played it cool rather than go the press conference route and talk way too much as he precisely did. Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Hello, what happened to Jackson’s advisers?

Jackson should have allowed the situation to play itself out. Folks who think he’s guilty of agreeing to pay for the appointment will feel that way regardless. The more Jackson spoke, the more his body language worked to his disadvantage.

One thing is certain is that the calls for his resignation will be just that. Blago needs his position and knowledge of other corrupt folks as bargaining chips. Folks who may have something to hide are shaking in their boots.

This situation will get worse before it gets better. Blago is not going down alone. Let’s see who else gets caught in the web.




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