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The Illusion of Democracy Part 3: Wall Street Disses Main Street, Side Streets and Your Street

MooningBush Many investors were duped by the Ponzi scheme of Bernard Madoff. The impact of that scheme has probably yet to be realized all while Madoff is confined to his luxurious home. Sounds a lot like that Paris Hilton foolishness a few months back, doesn’t it?

Well, Madoff, the mortgage scams and Wall Street abuses and destruction of the financial fabric of our nation make a person just want to scream. Especially when Congress feigns righteous indignation after Wall Street firms refuse to disclose how the bailout funds received are spent.

This is the same Congress that increased the bailout from$700B to $800B with funds for pork projects. These are the same folks that beat up on the heads of the automakers who requested bailout. Is that the pot calling the kettle black or what?

Americans should be livid with the heads of the automakers but Congress should get their grilling also. Handing over billions without any strings attached or reporting requirements is not stupid; it’s sinful and should be unlawful.

It also speaks to the character of the leaders of the organizations who received those bailout funds. Those taxpayers that expected the Wall Street firms to report usage of the bailout funds have just been subjected to a reality check.

Not only does Wall Street not give two hoots about Main Street, they couldn’t care less about side streets and your street either. Is there any wonder Americans have such little confidence in Congress? One would think a congressman’s internal barometer would say enough is enough, let’s get this right for the American people but that hasn’t occurred. Not really. Talk and no action mean absolutely nothing.