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World AIDS Day 2008: We Can Stop HIV/AIDS

WAD_anniversary-EN[1]_Page_1 Today is December 1, 2008, the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day (WAD). This is the day selected to bring attention to HIV/AIDS worldwide.

Many events will be held today around the world. Statistics will be shared and names and faces of those infected or fighting for those impacted directly by HIV/AIDS will be spotlighted today.

Prayerfully, young people will read something today or hear something today that will move them to choose life when it comes to sexually dangerous and irresponsible situations. Prayerfully adults, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and any other category, will choose life also.

Then there are the people who become infected by contaminated blood through transfusions and infected mothers who infect their babies through breastfeeding. They are truly innocent victims.

It’s estimated that 33 million people around the world are living with AIDS. That means that AIDS is not an automatic death sentence anymore. Survival rates have improved tremendously over the last twenty years but the rate of infection is on the rise in many countries around the world.

With the proper medical care and attention, those infected live productive lives. Those infected still live with the stigma and sometimes discrimination once their status is made public. That emotional assault upon their psyche can be more devastating than the physical effects of the infection itself.

In my humble opinion, there is not enough discussion about HIV/AIDS. The more educated we are about HIV/AIDS, the more we can help stop it from spreading. So, as we commemorate 20 years of WAD, let’s pledge to be more vigilant about helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS during the other days of the year.

Lead – Empower – Deliver. We can stop HIV/AIDS.


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