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Gillibrand the Junior Senator for New York?

Gillibrandkirsten It’s been reported that New York governor David Paterson will announce Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand as the next senator for the state of New York. Gillibrand is slated to be announced today at noon. If this is true, she will replace Hillary Clinton, recently confirmed Secretary of State.

Her appointment will precede the disappointing showing of Caroline Kennedy, once considered the frontrunner to replace Clinton.  Kennedy was Palinized early on and her fate sealed once she was inaccessible to the media. Her back and forth on rescinding herself from consideration for the seat didn’t help her image either.

Now, the question arises as to whether Kennedy will seek to make herself more attractive as a candidate when the seat opens up in 2010. Also, Gillibrand’s appointment may alienate Paterson from the traditional Democratic base because of Gillibrand’s sometimes conservative views.

Since Paterson did not select the more-experienced Andrew Cuomo, he may seek to unseat Paterson in the next election.


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