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Note to Republicans in the House: Would You Like Some Cheese with That Whine?

President Barack Obama's honeymoon is already over with the Republicans on Capitol Hill. There was no "Kumbaya" moment and definitely no "We Are The World" during yesterday's vote on the President's economic stimulus bill.

Voting no on President Obama's stimulus bill that one hadn't yet seen is a sign that the ideal of bipartisanship governing in Washington is not happening with this year's Republican congressional class.

I'll give the House Republicans credit for their unanimity in voting as a bloc but that is definitely not what most of the American Public wants to see.

The stimulus bill passed thus far with one more round to go with the Senate. The American public wants the economic situation resolved like yesterday so there is no time for whining no matter the Party affiliation.

Let's see what happens in the Senate but get this plan going and provide sufficient oversight over the corporate thugs. Too many Americans continue to be laid off. Enough is enough.

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