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You know, amidst the almost overwhelming excitement of the transition to new leadership in the United States, I must admit that I will miss President Bush. Yeah, I really will. Unfortunately, for him as a human being and his family, the Bush II tenure as POTUS will not characterize him positively.

Bush is largely perceived by the masses as fodder for comedic material. From his mispronunciations, sometimes-incoherent statements, lies (Mission Accomplished, WMDs,etc.) and that lasting image of him ducking those shoes, one has to feel a tinge of empathy for the guy.

You know, President Bush is like any celebrity we think we know but don’t really. We know them from the media and sometimes the media is not kind. We don’t know the human side of George W. Bush. Surely, some of the ribbing he’s taken has been hurtful. The conversations with family and friends attempting to justify his actions and decisions must have been stressful. I really feel sorry for the guy and his family. And then he made that Palinesque farewell presidential address he gave the other night.

He should be on a farewell apology tour to the American public rather than trying to blame everyone else but himself. His eight years as POTUS were disastrous and we’ve not yet realized the depths of the damage.

Regardless of the books written by Karl Rove and others, the tremendous loss of American lives at home and abroad, almost total collapse of the American economy and legendary slow response to the destruction by Hurricane Katrina will forever taint/paint the legacy of Bush II.


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