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Toymaker Makes Caylee Anthony Doll

You know the Ty Company making dolls named after First Daughters Malia and Sasha Obama without the permission of their parents was bad enough but a guy in Jacksonville has reached a new low.

Jamie Salcedo, of Showbiz Promotions, has made a doll in memory of little Caylee Marie Anthony who was the subject of a nationwide search for five months until her remains were discovered on December 19 last year.

Salcedo said a portion of the sales would be donated to charity but that still doesn't remove the stench from offering this doll without collaborating or consulting with Caylee's family first. Salcedo couldn't give specifics on the charity to benefit from the sale of the doll and the doll is scheduled for release today. Give me a break.

How about letting little Caylee just rest in peace? There's been far too much drama around this case anyway.

Salcedo calls the doll a tribute doll in honor of Caylee. He points out that the doll intentionally doesn't look exactly like Caylee because that would be morbid. That's true.

Now, if Salcedo would have applied such logic to the project itself, this doll would not be an issue at all. Salcedo may as well chalk the Caylee Marie Anthony Tribute Doll up as a bad business decision and hope people forget what he's done thus far.

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