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The Illusion of Safety in Our Food and Finances

The talk of stimulating the economy of the United States and whether the bill should include more or fewer tax cuts or the pork included in the plans will move the economy and the ridiculous actions of the Republicans contribute to this county’s lack of progress.

I mean the result of this entire situation of unabashed greed and lack of oversight makes me first want to scream and secondly, sue somebody. I know that will not likely happen but, come on, someone had a responsibility to make sure that law-abiding Americans didn’t find themselves broke, out of work and standing hundreds deep for a few job openings.

It’s just not right that the agencies and charged with protecting American citizens didn’t live up to their part of the agreement. As I write this, and fight off flu-like symptoms, I can’t help but wonder if I haven’t been poisoned by eating tainted peanut butter.

The continuous reports of filthy food production conditions in this country and the lack of proper testing of imports are downright frightening. We have little to depend outside of prayer.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that prayer is a powerful action but if we are left to pray as a means of attaining protection then why do we need the folks in the government? End of story.


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