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First_Lady_Obama It has been reported that First Lady Michelle Obama will use Pottery Barn furnishings to decorate daughters Malia and Sasha’s bedrooms. Why this is such news is beyond me but I’m an fan of HGTV so I’ll go with it for a little while.

Mrs. Obama’s fashions and White House decorating choices are obviously interesting to some folks but far too much emphasis is being placed on matters that are not politically significant.

It’s obvious that the President and the rest of the First Family are changing Presidential culture. He is trying to live outside the bubble more than in and he’s demonstrating frugality by virtue of his decision to keep that ugly Oval Office rug when most presidents have replaced it in the past.

The world was abuzz when Michelle Obama wore J. Crew and Barack Obama uses a BlackBerry and chews Nicorette gum. Now Pottery Barn will be in the spotlight.

Surely, Mrs. Obama and her designer will select beautiful furnishings for the girls. Now, let’s get back to important news.


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