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Obama’s Smackdown of CNN’s Ed Henry

You know, I'm leery of folks who are too nice, too sweet or too cool. I think they're volcanoes that may erupt at any moment and are difficult to calm down. I'm not saying they're crazy or anything like that just that they may not be able to control their anger once their button is pushed.

I've had those concerns about our nation's president. It seemed all too unreal that he didn't go off on someone --- pick any of a number of folks --- who tried to anger him during the campaign. There were some times when a couple of Democrats and a few Republicans seemed to deserve a pimp slap, if you ask me. But our President played it cool. He also stayed on message and his strategy was successful.

There were a couple of moments during debates when it was obvious that he's no pushover but he still seemed too reserved to me. I understand the rationale. I get it. He couldn't play the angry black man role and he didn't. I think some folks got that twisted.

Enter one CNN reporter Ed Henry who felt the obviously controlled wrath of President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. I shudder every time I hear/see that exchange and the President's response. President Obama gave one of those looks that your mama gave you when you were a little kid in church and you're moving around too much or talking too much or heaven forbid, chewing gum.

Some folks in mainstream media have tried to paint the President having lost his cool during the press conference; I think not. He was so cool that he was borderline frozen. Do you need to see that look again?

If anyone doubted that the president was tough enough; last night should have sent a different message. I don't think we would want to be on the receiving end of when and if he does lose his cool.

In the meantime; I'm glad the exchange occurred between and Ed Henry. Let that be a lesson for the next press conference. You know Ed Henry has taken some ribbing from his colleagues and probably got chewed out by his bosses. What's done is done. Now, don't try any of that shoe-throwing business with this President, OK?

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